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It’s our simplest water purifier. But that doesn’t stop it from being a benchmark of innovation.

Mypure Max 5
Mypure Max 5 Mypure Max 5
Mypure Max 5
<p>Purifies water from Multiple source</p>

Purifies water from Multiple source

<p>Ensures water with right pH balance and adequate mineral content</p>

Ensures water with right pH balance and adequate mineral content

<p>Automatic shut off mechanism to ensure only pure water is dispensed</p>

Automatic shut off mechanism to ensure only pure water is dispensed

Mypure Max 5

Here comes a multi-stage RO+UV water purifier that goes the extra mile with Alkatron technology to ensure mineralization of water after filtration. Thus, offering more than just pure drinking water with every glass.

Purification Process

Purification Process Infographic

Key features



Enriches purified water with minerals like calcium and magnesium and creates an ideal pH balance

7 Litre Storage Tank

7 Litre Storage Tank

Large storage capacity

Filter Change Alert

Filter Change Alert

Ensures timely alert for filter replacement via smart LED display to ensure healthy water always

German Lab Tested

German Lab Tested

99.99% bacteria and virus free healthy water*** ***Tested under lab conditions, for further details refer user manual

2000 TDS RO Membrane

2000 TDS RO Membrane

High performance durable membrane for longer and efficient filter life

Smart LED Display Indicator

Smart LED Display Indicator

Indicates when it is time to replace filter so that water always remains pure

TDS Safety Lock

TDS Safety Lock

Automatic shut-off mechanism to ensure only pure water is dispensed

Ergonomically Designed Easy to Use

Ergonomically Designed Easy to Use

For wall-mounted or counter-top use

100% RO + UV

100% RO + UV

Advanced 5 stages water purification process with no bypass ensures the dispensed water is 100% RO + UV purified, free of bacteria, virus, heavy metals, cysts, chemicals etc.

NSF Compliant High Quality Components

NSF Compliant High Quality Components

Quality components for enhanced durability and extended reliability

Filteration RO UV
Chemical Reduction
Mypure Max 5


  • Product Dimensions (H x W x D)

    535 mm x 360 mm x 275 mm (without faucet)

  • Net Weight

    12.5 kgs (approx.)

  • Gross Weight

    12.5 kgs (approx.)

  • Storage tank capacity

    7 litres

  • Purification process


  • 7 Stage Purifying Technology

    Pre Carbon Filter + Sediment Filter + RO Membrane + Post Carbon +Alkatron Mineralizer + UV Filter

  • Membrane type

    Thin film composite RO membrane

  • Material of construction for plastic parts

    Food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade parts plastics and stainless steel

  • Pump type

    Diaphragm pump, 24VDC, 1.2 Amps at 80 psi

  • Input Voltage

    230 VAC, 50 Hz

  • Power rating (Max)

    60 Watts

  • Pressure Rating***

    7 psi to 30 psi

  • % Recovery**

    Up to > 30%*

  • TDS reduction**

    ≥90%* (approx.)

  • *As tested with input water TDS of 750 ppm, Water temperature of 27°C and feed pressure of 20psi

  • **Design, feature and specifications mentioned are subject to change without notice.

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