MAXTRA+ Water Filter Cartridges

5+1 Promo Pack. Love great tasting water? Enjoy it for up to 24 weeks! Also available in pack of 1 & pack of 3.


Uses natural coconut shells to improve your water's odour and taste

5+1 MAXTRA+ cartridges cover your daily water needs for around twenty-four weeks

The perfect fit for BRITA Marella Marella XL and Water Filter Jugs

German Engineered for your peace of mind

BRITA Water Filter Jugs are developed to ensure tasty drinking water for you and your loved ones. In a quest to give you fresh and tasty water we bring to you German Engineered Water Filter Jugs with Max Performance, Max Quality and Max Reliability.


The powerful MicroFlow Technology blocks the lime scale build-up, reduces metals and invisible impurities thereby improving the smell and taste of your drinking water.


Made in Germany. Count on German Quality.


Experts in water optimization since 1966. Available in 69 countries.


BRITA MAXTRA+ Water Filter Cartridges is a range specifically made to ensure healthy drinking water for you and your loved ones.

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